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The Jarrettsville Builders Difference:
Every home we build is a custom home—we understand what it takes to meet your needs and desires.
Each of our master carpenters has a minimum experience of 20 years.
We’re not trying to be the least expensive builder—our homes are often the best value.
Our customers are pleased because we stay in close contact throughout the process.

“Custom” Means More Than “Choices”
In recent years, the meaning of the term “custom home” has been greatly confused in the market place. Some builders claiming to offer “custom homes” actually just present a limited list of pre-designed options. But a true custom home is limited only by one’s imagination and budget. If you are not specifying what you need and want in your house, you are not getting a true custom home.

A custom home allows you to incorporate your personality and style into the details. From the design phase through completion we provide personalized service and do whatever it takes to achieve an outstanding job. Every home we build is a custom home.

Wealth of Experience Matters
Each of our master carpenters has a minimum of 20 years of experience in the profession. Our supervisory and management staff is extremely capable. We are readily accessible at our fully staffed office or at the job site.

Our Customers Are Satisfied
We’re proud that we acquire most of our work through word-of-mouth referrals. Our ambition is to keep a satisfied client for a lifetime, so we offer customer support long after the move-in date.

Our Homes Are a Good Value
Our homes are competitively priced and seldom the least expensive. For example, we typically build thicker walls to allow for more insulation and energy efficiency. The cost of this enhancement is made up over time in lower energy bills. As someone once said, “It is better to explain the cost once than to apologize for poor quality forever.”

We Listen As We Build
From the initial design to the final touches we seek your input. We encourage you to visit the job site on a regular basis and discuss the progress with our supervisory team. Good communication leads to a successful job.

Every home we build is unique and personally crafted to meet the needs and desires of each customer. The homes in this portfolio are not model homes; they serve to represent the various designs, styles, and particular requests made by our clients.

If you are looking for a trusted company to help build your custom home, please contact us.