Commercial Buildings

Advent Lutheran Church & Child Development Center

Ames United Methodist Church

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
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In the 1950s our commercial endeavors were focused on the construction and renovation of houses of worship. As we grew, so did our commercial experience. Since then we have added offices, warehouses, firehouses, and educational facilities to our portfolio.

Almost 60 Years of Craftsmanship, Honesty, and Integrity
The complex commercial building process requires expertise from design professionals with a proven track record. For over half a century Jarrettsville Builders has been recognized for outstanding craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity.

Reputation for Quality
About 75% of our commercial work is obtained through word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. Our projects are frequently under budget, and we’ve received many letters of appreciation from our customers. If you’d like to see a letter of recommendation, just let us know.

Different Budgets, Same Service
We welcome the challenge to work with customers on a limited budget. You’ll receive the same level of service whether you are investing $250,000 or $2,500,000. Because of our extensive background, we are capable of addressing the diverse issues presented in today’s building environment, such as keeping your business running during construction.

The Design Build Process: A Team Approach
Our process encourages the customer, builder, and architect/designer to work together as a team from start to finish. As the builder, our job is often to review construction drawings at various stages and keep the team aware of building costs. We’ve grown especially experienced at value engineering—offering ways to reduce costs while still meeting the customer’s needs and wishes.

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