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Harvest House

Harvest House is a short-term transition home in Harford County for men who are recovering from substance abuse. The organization utilizes local resources to customize a plan for each resident, encouraging self-reliance and accountability.

When Jarrettsville Builders learned of the need to totally renovate their building, we felt led to volunteer as Project Manager. This decision encouraged others in the construction industry to become involved with this noteworthy community endeavor. Architectural and engineering companies, tradesmen and women, and numerous subcontractors and vendors all donated their services pro bono or at substantially reduced cost.

Each one demonstrated the desire to help others overcome life struggles.

The Senator Bob Hooper House

At Jarrettsville Builders we are always striving to bless our community. One of our hallmark community service projects is a local residential hospice called The Senator Bob Hooper House.

Bob Hooper House

Bob Hooper House

Harford County’s First Residential Hospice

This hospice house was the first of its kind in Harford County, Maryland. Before The Senator Bob Hooper House was built, terminally ill patients in our area who couldn’t be cared for at home were limited to either being in a hospital or a nursing home. After the residential hospice facility opened up, patients could spend their last days in a home-like environment with professional clinical care.

For the Community, Built by the Community

This project started out as a collaboration between Harford Hospice and Upper Chesapeake Medical Center (UCMC). The president of Jarrettsville Builders, Bill Minton, was a UCMC Foundation Board Member. During a meeting in 2008, Bill became inspired to help build the residential hospice. “I immediately knew that this is something that I very much wanted to be a part of,” said Bill.

After the Minton family committed to donating construction management services throughout the entire project, we began rallying our colleagues and helped put together a design team of architects, engineers, and construction companies. Many of these local businesses joined us in donating their services to make the vision a reality for the community. It was an amazing outpouring of community spirit, especially considering the economic difficulties at that time.

Bob Hooper HouseIn addition to the businesses, many residents joined the effort. Charitable neighbors included the Klein family, who donated land for the hospice house, and a local Girl Scout Troop, who helped raise funds for a children’s playroom in the facility.

A Dream Come True

Groundbreaking began in October 2009. After 14 months of construction, the beautiful hospice house was ready. We were honored to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially marked the grand opening in 2011.
Bob Hooper HouseBob Hooper House
Located at 2007 Klein Plaza Drive in Forest Hill, Maryland, The Senator Bob Hooper House provides 10,570 square feet of comfortable space for its residents. The hospice’s amenities include:

  • 8 individual resident rooms, each with a private deck or veranda
  • Community kitchen, dining and living room
  • Non-denominational chapel
Bob Hooper House

Loving Our Neighbors

After our office moved to its current location at 2005 Rock Spring Road in Forest Hill, we literally became across-the-street neighbors to the hospice residents. As we see these families embracing their loved ones, we are reminded all the more that the work we do is to serve the people of our community.

To learn more, read “Making a Difference Together (PDF)” or visit